We called.

We knocked.

We organized.

  • We contacted 100,000 voters.

  • We had 20,000 one-on-one conversations. 

  • We organized over 180 events. 

  • Together, we changed what’s possible. 

Thank you for your incredible work to make this a historic midterm election!


Our inspiring first-time candidates, Jamie McLeod-Skinner (OR-2) and Carolyn Long (WA-3), faced deeply-entrenched, Trump-enabling incumbents. These races were steep uphill climbs.  Yet we gave the incumbents their toughest races in years.

In OR-02 we propelled Jamie McLeod-Skinner forward 26 points. 

In WA-03, we propelled Carolyn Long forward 18 points.

While we would have loved to send Jamie and Carolyn to Washington on our first try, we’re incredibly proud of the progress we made.  We’ll get them there in 2020.

In addition, as part of this nationwide movement, we elected a new House of Representatives with the power and the will to check Trump!  We can protect our democracy, voting rights, vulnerable communities, healthcare, and so much more. 

To learn how to leverage this new power for change, check out the TWO NEW Indivisible Guides. To stay connected and involved with Indivisible Oregon, watch for updates on our Facebook page.

This the beginning of a new chapter!